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Deceptively Blonde is a wandering soul, meandering the world in constant search for beauty, hope, and wisdom. She currently teaches Ethics, Law, and Business classes at a wonderful university in Xinzheng, China, and she has fallen in love with the Chinese culture, people, and spirit. She hopes that you will follow her on her journeys, contributing your own thoughts and discoveries along the way. You can contact her on her blog or at

#ModernArt ~ From Dirt to Design

Living the Dream 

​The Art students at my university are allowed to paint random building walls here on campus to show off their skills.  This one is dedicate to tee Chinese president – lots of support and nationalism here!

#Chinese Spring Cleaning

One of my favorite sights in the spring and fall. All the students bring out their blankets and air them out.  A little dorm ‘freshening up’.  So fun to see – all the different colirs and styles on the bushes alongside the roads. ❤

#Traditional Storefront


#ChineseArt ~ Ceramic Design


One of the beautiful art pieces decorating the ceramic walls of the Chinese Summer Palace in Peking.