Angel City Chorale ~ “Africa”

The beginning is a really amazing twist on the traditional song.  I love it when people use nature to replicate nature.  🙂

Juilliard School’s Tianjin campus to open in 2018

“Juilliard School’s Tianjin campus to open in 2018”

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BEIJING, Oct. 5 (Xinhuanet) — New York’s renowned Juilliard School will launch its first overseas campus to offer graduate courses in music in the northern Chinese municipality of Tianjin by 2018.

Sources with the administrative commission of Tianjin Binhai New District said on Friday that the Juilliard School’s Tianjin branch will be established in Yujiapu Financial District.

Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the school’s branch in Tianjin will collaborate with the Tianjin Conservatory of Music as well as the Tianjin Innovative Finance Investment Co. Ltd. and the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission to offer graduate courses in music.

The master’s degree to be awarded by the Juilliard school’s Tianjin branch will be accredited in the United States. The partnership will be the first such collaboration between Chinese and foreign conservatories.

Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan accompanied Chinese President Xi Jinping on a state visit to the United States and on Monday visited the Juilliard School at its Lincoln Center campus, where she attended a performance class and the inauguration of the school’s branch at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music.

She encouraged students from both countries to learn from and communicate more with each other.

The Juilliard School was founded in 1905, and its alumni have collectively won more than 105 Grammy Awards, 62 Tony Awards and 47 Emmy Awards.

Yujiapu Financial District, where Juilliard’s branch will be established in Tianjin, has been approved to use 3.86 square km of land. The municipal government hopes to turn the area into a world-class financial center within 10 years. . . . .


“Gaga for Gangnam: $20 Million Bet on Bringing Korean Pop Culture to China”

“Gaga for Gangnam: $20 Million Bet on Bringing Korean Pop Culture to China”

by Lilian Lin via “The Independent

Korean pop with Chinese characteristics? As the Korean pop culture craze in China continues to grow, some companies are betting heavily on the Middle Kingdom’s appetite for more Gangnam Style-style entertainment.

Hong Kong’s Media Asia and Taiwan’s Fubon Group recently teamed up with South Korea’s SM Entertainment, the country’s music and artist management giant, to set up an investment fund with $20 million in seed money to support various film &TV projects, focusing on China and global Chinese-language audiences.

SM, which manages a slate of top-tier Korean artists, including Girls’ Generation — a popular Korean girl band that won big at the YouTube Music Awards last year – says China is its most important market. According to the agreement, MediaAsia will also begin representing three artists currently backed by S.M Entertainment, including the Korean boy band EXO – a currently 11-member group that has three Chinese members and battled Justin Bieber and One Direction for Worldwide Act at MTV European Music Award last year.

The deal comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit earlier this year to Seoul, when the two countries signed a string of deals to accelerate cultural exchanges, including an agreement to allow China-Korea co-production films to be seen as domestic films, allowing them to bypass strict imported film quotas in China’s theaters.

“Korean and Chinese government are looking forward to accelerating culture exchanges,” said Han Se-min, CEO of S.M Culture & Contents. “It definitely facilitates our cooperation.”

China’s obsession with all things Korean spans, of course, Psy’s smash hit Gangnam style, which remains beloved by China’s middle-age women who love to dance in public parks, as well as toddlers encouraged to dance in kindergarten classrooms.

This year’s K-pop craze in China, though, has been given further fuel by the rom-com Korean TV series “My Love From the Star.”

The smash hit TV series not only sparked a new fondness in China for fried chicken and beer – a dish often eaten by characters on the show – it also turned Kim Soo-hyun, a fresh-faced Korean heartthrob best known for playing the show’s ageless alien character, into a most-wanted star for China’s advertisers. Ads featuring his image touting everything from mineral water to shoes to moon cakes are ubiquitous in China. The show has been watched more than 14.5 billion times since last December’s debut. . . . .


“S Korea Helps with Copyright Protection”

Interesting new step in the Asia Art Law arena.**DB

“S Korea Helps with Copyright Protection”

via “VietnamNet

Vietnamese and South Korean agencies have signed a memorandum of understanding under which the latter will provide technical know-how for copyright protection in the music industry.

Under the MoU signed during a seminar held on Friday in Ha Noi, the Korean side will show their Vietnamese counterparts how to control the number of times a song can be downloaded from a website. Based on this, the Viet Nam Centre for Protection of Music Copyright (VNCPMC) can calculate and collect royalty for composers.

Yu Byong-han, chairman of the Korea Copyright Commission, said Korean experts are willing to share their experience and technology with Vietnamese managers.

“We update continuously the technology for copyright protection and digital forensic investigation,” Yu said.

“Korea is not rich in natural resources. That’s why we value the human resources. For us, each creative work is a treasure.

“We try our best to protect the rights for creators and encourage them to work,” Yu added.

The Viet Nam and South Korea Copyright Seminar drew the participation of numerous Vietnamese and South Korean experts who spoke on different issues relating to copyright, especially in the context of cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The protection of copyrights and related rights is not taken very seriously in Viet Nam yet, said VNCPMC director Pho Duc Phuong.

“Many artistes have complained that their works are used without their permission and they don’t receive any royalty from such use,” he said.

Viet Nam faces several obstacles in collecting royalty and managing copyrights, Phuong said, adding one of them was the difficulty in controlling the download of songs from music websites.

Phuong said that after 12 years since its inception, his agency had paid composers a royalty of US$8 million in total, while a counterpart organisation in the US collected $3 billion in just one year.

Vu Ngoc Hoan, director of the Copyright Office of Viet Nam (COV), stressed the importance of copyright protection in the global integration process.

“Artistes will maintain their creativity and keep their minds on work as long as they know that they are respected and their rights are protected,” Hoan said.”


Everyone’s a Piano (Wo)Man in Lynchburg!

Lynchburg, VA (my other hometown) has decided to put up five different pianos across downtown for people to stop and play.  Just to remind us that music doesn’t have to be planned or come with great preparation ~ sometimes it can just come from the heart.