“Francis Bacon Portrait of Lucian Freud to Set Record at Christie’s Auction”

“Francis Bacon Portrait of Lucian Freud to Set Record at Christie’s Auction”

via Global News

Bacon Painting

“LONDON – A painting that brings together two of Britain’s greatest artists could become one of the most expensive modern artworks ever sold when it is auctioned in New York next month.  Christie’s auction house says Francis Bacon’s “Three Studies of Lucian Freud” could sell for as much as $100 million. . . . “ Read the rest of this article here.

Cultured Muse’s Input

Apparently the last painting of Bacon’s that sold went for $86 million, but this is expected to bring in far more.  This particular work is actually a portrait of the same man (Lucian Freud–A German/British painter living in early 1900s) in three different poses.  Bacon and Freud were both friends and rivals in the art world, and Bacon painted several works depicting Freud (1, 2) In fact, in Bacon’s “Self Portrait,” he actually painted (more…)