Unique Exhibition Showcases Works of Central Asian Artists

“Unique Exhibition Showcases Works of Central Asian Artists”

by RUFIYA OSPANOVA via “The Astana Times

SINGAPORE – “New Silk Roads: Painting Beyond Borders,” the first exhibition of Central Asian artists, was showcased April 21 in Icon Gallery here. The event was organised by ENE Central Asian Arts with the support of the Kazakh Embassy in Singapore and Lassale Singapore University of Art.


The exhibition showed 37 works, including those of artists from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Paintings and abstract compositions by Central Asian artists generated great interest among the many visitors. 

Kazakhstan demonstrated paintings of the Amulet series by the nation’s renowned artist Leyla Mahat. In her works, Mahat tells about the role of amulets in the daily life of nomads, which were used not only as decoration but also as charms from the evil eye.

Amulet paintings recreate ancient jewellery uncovered in archaeological excavations and reconstructed by Kazakh scientists and her images relive the work of archaeologist Zeinolla Samashev. 


Artist, archaeologist and artisan are all connected through the materiality of the gold ornaments and their contemporary artistic representations, as well as by the land once inhabited by the ancient peoples which now forms their burial place and the physical basis of the modern state. The choice of depicting jewellery, the wearing of which was an aristocratic prerogative, is also suggestive of the lineage which the artist claims as validation for the modern state. The appeals to the forces of history and heredity are perhaps nowhere better illustrated than in “Amulet and Colour” (2014), where their potency seems to glow red-hot, their vividness embodying itself in the profuse viscosity of paint, tactile and Medusa-like in its writhing. 

According to the organisers, such exhibitions in general allow representatives of Central Asian countries not only to learn more about the historical values of each other, but in particular help to strengthen ties between Kazakhstan and Singapore.  . . .


Week of Culture: The Second Day

Week of Culture: The Second Day

via “State News Agency of Turkmenistan”

The large-scale cultural action – the Week of Culture, which rich programme includes various events revealing the diversity of the national culture, is held in the northern region of the country. The second day events can be united by a conceptual idea – creativity in the course of the history. 

The second day of the Week started with the visit to sacred places. Workers of culture and art made a pilgrimage to the Mausoleum of Ashyk Aydyn Pir, a nurser of creative people located on the territory of Ruhubelent Etrap. Then forum participants visited the Kunya-Urgench State Historical and Cultural Complex. As is known, in 2005, the ruins of Kunya-Urgench were inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. At present, there are over 20 architectural monuments of various epochs In Dashoguz Velayat. Each of them bears evidence of the former greatness of the capital of the ancient Turkmen state, a largest centre of the East. 

Forum participants visit the Mausoleum of Nadjmeddin Kubra – a recognized national place of pilgrimage, and the Dash Mosque – a museum of national crafts, from where the pilgrimage route to the Uch Yuz Altmysh Memorial Complex starts. Conference participants also visited the world-known mausoleums of Il-Arslan, Tekesh, Sultan-Ali, Turabek-Hanym, and other sights located on the territory of they unique reserve that is an integral part of the Turkmen people’s cultural heritage and the whole humanity as well. 

The solemn ceremony of opening of the International Conference of Art that brought together famous Turkmen painters, masters of the decorative and applied art as well as their foreign colleagues in Dashoguz took place at the Dashoguz Velayat Museum of Local History. 

Participants of the Week of Culture had an opportunity to see museum exhibits as well as to watch a documentary film dedicated to the ancient monuments of the northern region of our country and its modern tourist infrastructure. The film created by Turkmen cinematographers is the first part of a cycle “Trip to the history” as an excursion to the history of the national culture and art. 

In the evening, word painters from different countries gathered together in the improvised Turkmen village on the bank of the Shavat River to participate in the poetry readings. 

The second day of the Week of Culture in Dashoguz finished by mobile expositions and a big concert performed by masters of culture and art of Dashoguz and Mary Velayats at the Georogly Square. 

This day of the big creative holiday demonstrated that the contemporary national culture ha absorbed the best of the rich historical, literary, musical, and artistic heritage, folklore and crafts, traditions and customs of our people.