Month: December 2013

“In Brookhaven, Santa Claus is Coming to the Museum”

“In Brookhaven, Santa Claus is Coming to the Museum”

by Joe Earle via “Reporter Newspapers

Santa Claus to meet children at Oglethorpe Museum of Art

“An exhibition of paintings of Santa Claus that artist Haddon Sundblom created for Coca-Cola ads has been extended through Dec. 21. Santa Claus and Elf Evie will appear at the museum to greet children on Dec. 7, Dec. 14 and Dec. 21. Photography of Santa, the elf and children is encouraged. 

When: Santa appears Dec. 4, Dec. 14 and Dec. 21, 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. The museum is open to the public from noon until 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays.

Where: Oglethorpe University MuseW2272 sum of Art, located on the Oglethorpe University campus at 4484 Peachtree Street NE in Brookhaven.

Cost: Free for children 12 and younger. Museum admission for adults . . . . .”


“Arson Engulfs Art at Detroit’s Heidelberg Project”

“Arson Engulfs Art at Detroit’s Heidelberg Project”

via “Fox News

“On Detroit’s Heidelberg Street, where a local artist turned the shell of a crime-ridden neighborhood into an interactive public art project, visitors coming to see offbeat display are noticing something that’s not part of the quirky exhibition: Yellow fire tape.

There have been at least eight fires since early May– the latest last Sunday — leading to questions about who might be targeting the installation known as the Heidelberg Project, and why they want to burn it down. . . .”

Forging an Art Market in China

“Forging an Art Market in China”

by David Barboza, Graham Bowley and Amanda Cox via “The New York Times”

“When the hammer came down at an evening auction during China Guardian’s spring sale in May 2011, “Eagle Standing on a Pine Tree,” a 1946 ink painting by Qi Baishi, one of China’s 20th-century masters, had drawn a startling price: $65.4 million. No Chinese painting had ever fetched so much at auction, and, by the end of the year, the sale appeared to have global implications, helping China surpass the United States as the world’s biggest art and auction market.

But two years after the auction,  . . . “


“Roots of Indian Architecture”

“Roots of Indian Architecture”

by Ashish Nangia via “Little India”

“The present Indian civilization, culturally speaking, can be traced back to early Harappan, Buddhist and Gupta age roots, when the foundations of Indian culture were laid. However, few recognize that many core Indian architectural forms also took shape during this era as well.

Some of the architectural transitions from the Buddhist to the Gupta age were deciphered by British colonial archaeologists and historians in the 19th century by decoding and preserving manuscripts, artifacts and structures from ancient India.

The Buddha preached and laid the foundations for . . . . “



“Cooperating to Preserve Jordan’s Rich Cultural Heritage”

“Cooperating to Preserve Jordan’s Rich Cultural Heritage”

“Small-scale income-generating research projects in the field of antiquities should be established in Jordan, the final conference of the EU-funded JOCHERA project has heard. This will help achieve future research goals shared by European and Jordanian universities and research centres. 

Conference participants also stressed the need to establish working relationships between research centres, and to carry on working . . . “