Off the Beaten Path: National Museum in Lagos


National Museum in Lagos, Nigeria

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National Museum, Lagos
Awolowo Rd (opp Muson Centre),
Onikan, Lagos Island.
Tel: +234 -1 263 6005


Mon-Sat 9am – 5pm


National Museum, Lagos

by Adeyemi Adisa via “Come to Nigeria

National Museum, Lagos

Established in 1957, National Museum has great collections in archaeology, ethnography and traditional art.

Located in Onikan, Lagos, National Museum displays contemporary arts and historical monuments.

The main attractions at the museum are the galleries dedicated to brasses from Benin City, Nok Terracottas etc.

Another gallery dedicated to traditional symbols of power contains carved ivory and a royal host of crowns.

The museum houses the bullet-riddled car in which the late General Murtala Mohammed was assassinated in 1976.

This museum also operates a nonprofit crafts centre, which stocks a good range of batik cloth, woodcarvings and textiles at fixed prices.

There’s a fine range of intricately decorated calabashes from across Nigeria. The museum has a small crafts village with woodcarvings and other handicrafts for sale at fixed prices; you might also see a demonstration of adire – cloth-making from Abeokuta.


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