Day: June 3, 2014

Metropolitan Museum of Art Found to House Looted Art

“The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Python bell-krater acquired in 1989 matches object documented in confiscated Medici archive, according to forensic archaeologist Christos Tsirogiannis: “The evidence suggests that the vase has most likely been unlawfully removed from Italian soil”

by Catherine Schofield Sezgin via “ARCA

The Classic Greek mixing-bowl attributed to the artist Python (active ca. 350 – 325 BC) of Poseidonia (Paestan) on display in Gallery 161 of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City should be returned to Italy because it has no collecting history before 1989 and has been matched with photographs in the possession of a convicted art dealer, according to the work of University of Cambridge’s Christos Tsirogiannis. (You can see The Met’s description of the object online here ). 
This terracotta bell-krater, described in detail in Dr. Tsirogiannis’ column “Nekyia” in the Spring 2014 issue ofThe Journal of Art Crime, appears with soil/salt encrustations in five photographs from the confiscated Medici archive – including one Polaroid image. Then, “The object was auctioned by Sotheby’s in New York in June 1989 and the same year appeared as part of The Met’s antiquities collection,” Dr. Tsirogiannis reports.
Art dealer Giacomo Medici was convicted in 2005 of participating in the sale of looted antiquities. The story of how illicit antiquities were sold to art galleries and museums in Europe and North America was told in the 2006 book by Peter Watson & Cecilia Todeschini, The Medici Conspiracy: the illicit journey of looted antiquities, from Italy’s tomb raiders to the world’s greatest museums(Public Affairs). The Medici archives (or “Medici Dossier”)  were described as “thirty albums of Polaroids, fifteen envelopes with photographs, and twelve envelopes with rolls of film … [along with] 100 full rolls of exposed film … [for] a total of 3,600 images” found in Medici’s warehouse of antiquities in Geneva in 1995. . . . .



10 Art Galleries to Visit in Bahrain

“10 Art Galleries to Visit in Bahrain”

via “Time Out Bahrain


Albareh Art Gallery Gallery
This gallery and café exhibits paintings, sculptures and photography by a wide range of regional artists. Talks and workshops too.
Open Sat 9am-4pm; Sun-Thu 7am-2pm. Off Sheikh Isa Avenue, behind the Carlton Hotel, Adliya, (17 717 707).



Private gallery which shows the owner’s work from furnishings to clothing as well as paintings and also regularly stages the work of up and coming artists.
Budaiya behind the Post Office off Bani Jamra turn (17 162 155).


Bahrain Arts Society
Gallery, members’ club, etching room, classrooms and studio. The society holds regular exhibitions, workshops and courses throughout the year.
Beside Lanterns on the Burgerland roundabout off the Budaiya Highway (17 590 551).


Rickshaw Art: “Beautiful Boat”

“Beautiful Boat” by S M Samsu