Korean Cultural Heritage Festival Marries Contemporary and Cool with Traditional Arts

“Korean Cultural Heritage Festival Marries Contemporary and Cool with Traditional Arts”

by Carlito Pablo via “Georgia Straight

THIS YEAR’S KOREAN Cultural Heritage Festival will have a modern feel.

According to festival spokesperson Mike Suk, it’s going to be vibrant and cutting-edge, reflecting South Korea’s status as a major global tastemaker, from cars to smart phones to pop culture. The festival’s theme is Dynamics of a Modern Korea.

“We want to show people the new Korea,” Suk told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview.

According to Suk, Hyundai will roll out its latest cars at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby’s Central Park, the venue for the 13th annual festival organized by the Korean Cultural Heritage Society.

He added that for the first time, huge TV screens will be set up to play Korean pop-music (K-pop) videos and commercials throughout Saturday (August 16). On-stage, local performers will sing and dance to K-pop songs.

“The energy is going to feel different,” Suk said. “It is important to note, this festival is not exclusive to the Korean community but rather a true celebration of a multicultural Canada”

Historically, the festival has been about traditional elements, and Suk said those will be present as well. A drum dance will open the festivities, followed by a reenactment of a traditional Korean royal wedding.

There will be a demonstration of the Korean martial art tae kwon do, and there will be tightrope-walking, or jultagi. A food pavilion will offer Korean food, beer, and wine, and traditional Korean souvenirs and gifts will be sold.

B.C.’s Korean community has grown to about 80,000. According to Suk’s organization, it is second in size in Canada to Ontario’s. . . . .”


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