Based on a True Story

The lawsuit this film is based upon opened up a can of worms legally, completely changing Art Law, Cultural Heritage Law, Museum Law, and the Law of Wars forever.  In regards to justice for a long-ago wrong, it is satisfying to know the bad guys didn’t win.  🙂  I’m curious to see if this film is any good!

Tribute to Pina Bausch


This film is Germany’s tribute to one of its great lovers of music.  Pina Bausch’s legacy will carry on in both the world of theatre and the world of dance, for she combined them both in marvelous feats of ingenuity.  You can read more about her contributions to the world of arts here and here.

More Information on the film, Pina

“‘Monuments Men’ Film, About Nazi-Looted Art, Now Headed to Berlin”

“‘Monuments Men’ Film, About Nazi-Looted Art, Now Headed to Berlin”

by Deborah Vankin via “LA Times

“The Berlin Film Festival announced Friday that “The Monuments Men,” George Clooney’s upcoming World War II movie about the search for and recovery of Nazi-looted art, has been added to its lineup. The announcement comes shortly after the revelation that more than 1,400 artworks – by Picasso, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and others — were found in a Munich, Germany, apartment and are believed to include looted items as well as art the Nazis called “degenerate” that was removed from German museums. “

Kind of curious to see if the film is anything like the real history. The work that the real Monuments Men did was amazing enough, it hardly needs embellished.  Wonder what the reception in Germany will be like considering the recent Munich Art Discovery.